Building Surveys (formally known as Structural Surveys) are suitable for all commercial property including offices, shops and industrial units, warehouses and business parks, restaurants, public houses, hotels, places of worship and petrol filling stations.

A Building Survey Report is a comprehensive, specialised and individually tailored report which is suitable for all commercial property. The report will provide detail on all aspects of the construction of the property and will include extensive technical information and advice in respect of minor and major repairs that may be required. A Building Survey can be commissioned either with or without a valuation.

Why do you need one?

It is advisable to have a Building Survey if you are either contemplating purchasing a freehold property or entering into a Lease on full repairing terms.

In the circumstances of a freehold purchase a building survey will represent a relatively small proportion of the total cost of the property and will prove to be an invaluable document both before and after the purchase itself. It will provide you with sufficient information concerning the condition of the property from which you will be able to make an informed decision so far as whether to proceed with the purchase and at what price.

In the circumstances of your entering into a Commercial Lease, these are invariably formulated on “full repairing” terms which requires a Lessee not only to keep the premises in good and tenantable repair but also to “put” the premises into repair. This could have implications both during the term of the Lease and certainly at the end of the Lease if the property suffers from any aspects of disrepair. It is therefore essential that a full building survey is commissioned prior to a lessee entering into a full (or partial) repairing lease in order to be fully aware of the potential liability from both a practical viewpoint (in terms of the physical state of the property) and contractual viewpoint (in respect of the obligations contained in the Lease).

As a more economical alternative to a building survey you may wish to consider commissioning a Report upon Condition.


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