Disputes sometimes arise in respect of a variety of areas including Valuation of property (present-day and retrospective), quality of building work, building costs, Building Surveys, Leasehold and collective Freehold Enfranchisement, Party Walls & Boundary Disputes, Specifications & Project Management and Landlord and Tenant issues, where an Expert Witness Report may be required or contemplated, for court, tribunal, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.

Where a dispute arises, it is best to be resolved quickly and at a cost which is proportionate to the dispute itself and the sums involved.

David Cooper Associates Chartered Surveyors offer a service where we will inspect the relevant property and if required, prepare a preliminary report either directly with our client or their instructing solicitor. Our preliminary report will enable our client to decide the best way to proceed further and that can often lead to a quicker resolution rather than embarking on expensive and lengthy court action at the outset.

David Cooper Associates are fully experienced in the preparation of full Expert Witness Reports under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), for submission to a court, tribunal, arbitrator or any other third party adjudicator, being appointed by one party to the dispute or, as is becoming increasingly common, by both parties as a Single Joint Expert.

We are in close contact with a number of solicitors throughout the UK who regularly instruct us to prepare both Preliminary Reports and Expert Reports as required.

For further information on the Expert Witness Report please see the following guide:


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